Virgin Media's latest throttling rules

Missing the point

It seems that all the complainers just see "you will get less bandwidth".

I have 120MB from Virgin at the moment, in the last 24 hours i'd say i would easily have hit that cap but given that most my downloading runs for long periods of time (e.g. a torrent client i simply leave running) i can't see it bothering me.

However ...

Packet shaping / throttling usually comes with another problem, it reduces ping times and when I'm playing a game i might use maybe 5MB an hour of bandwidth but that bandwidth needs to be fast !!!

Simple solution ... pause my torrent client during heavy periods ... hardly the end of the world.

It is anoying though ... when i go home to find my game provider has released a 2GB update and i then know i have to sit and wait a bit longer ...

But really ... 2GB at anything above 50MB/s is 5 mins ... go boil a kettle !!!!

The thing i don't agree with though: terms and conditions for virgin clearly state "no limits and no traffic shaping", i made sure to ask the rep when i signed up 4 times in a row and i signed up about a month ago ... so ... did they lie to me?

Even if they did ... can't say i'm bothered.


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