ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. - Humans begin artificial CO2 emissions

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James, you are confusing "greens" with "Greens", the two are actually completely different. I also consider myself green - for example, I recycle, I switch off electrical items and lights not in use, and I try to avoid wasteful use of my cars. But I don't browbeat those that don't. I also don't smoke, I gave up years ago because I realised the medical implications after looking at scientific evidence. If you chose to smoke, despite the scientific evidence, then I say that's your decision. Greens are different, they live to browbeat, not because they understand the scientific arguments (most don't, all they can do is repeat soundbites), and for many of them it seems to be born out of envy ("I can't afford a car, so I'll lecture you about yours") rather than real environmental concern.


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