Paedophiles ‘disguise’ child abuse pages as legit websites

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Re: I have never understood how peadophillia can exist.

I know of at least 3 cases of child abuse (long past, children are now adults). I suspect the online presence is minute compared to the underlying problem. The problem with the internet (and print or any other media) is that it can turn isolated individuals' actions into an industry which feeds and supports those actions.

A pedophile who feels a particular way deserves support and help (and I don't mean given a sandbox of cartoon images with which to indulge themselves). A pedophile who acts out their impulses has to be sanctioned by society. Just as a kleptomaniac should be given support, but their stealing results in sanctions. Whatever the natural impulse, there is always a choice which can be made when it comes to actions and indulging an impulse makes it harder to resist next time. A woman deserves to be protected from denigration for being a woman, but I'm not sure that a love of clothes-shopping should be similarly protected.

Part of the problem is that certain lobbies have conflated "what I am" with "what I do," which makes it easy to transfer the legal protection given to people to the actions that they choose to undertake. That has gained them immense legal protection against people who might say mean things, but it has also made it easy to roll-up abhorrence for an action with hate for the individual performing the action. That might be handy for sound-bite politicians and hate-mongers, but it squashes rather than enhances reasoned debate about how to treat those who differ from the mainstream.

"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals," is the frivolous, recent and prevailing attitude presented at school and re-enforced by popular media. Unfortunately, on the Discovery Channel, many of the young are killed and eaten.

Of course we all feel that pedophilia is wrong, but that's a dangerous basis for values. If I feel differently then my point of view is just as valid as yours. If two wrongs don't make a right, then 65m wrongs don't end up right either. Legal perhaps, but not right. Without a rational basis action, we end up swaying between trying to protect everything (actions, speech - ending up with tyrannical laws) and lynch-mobs out to impose "what all of us here think."


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