Canon PowerShot S100 GPS compact camera

Re: K- for a compact with a superzoom lens

I've actually got a TZ10, and an S95. I bought the TZ 10 as I wanted a GPS equipped compact before a trip to 90W, 0N, and the S100 wasn't shipping.

In marginal light, or any situation where I want manual controls, the S95 is a better camera from an image quality viewpoint. The TZ10's low light sensor performance is significantly worse than the S95.

Where the TZ10 wins out over the S95 is a more rugged feel, far better zoom range, and a case design that is easier to hold on to while scrambling over rocks out of a panga. They're both lovely cameras, and apart from shutter response speed, I can between them get most of what I get out a DSLR and single zoom lens, but they're very different compromises.


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