EC: Apple claimed Motorola demanded ALL ITS PATENTS

Re: Apples unclean hands

"When the EU analyses the anti-competitive complaint, Apples often stated aim of killing Android will be considered. "

Why? It's perfectly normal business practice to try to try to thrash the crap out of the competition. That's the whole point of competition! All businesses in a market are in a race to vacuum up all the profits available, so they tend towards attempting to attain a monopoly. Microsoft damned-near pulled it off, and the legacy of that is still being felt today.

This is why we have "anti-trust" and "anti-competitive" regulations: government's role is to act as moderator, refereeing this game and ensuring fair play. The rules we have that constrain businesses are there precisely to avoid a repetition of the bad old days of Microsoft at their worst.

The problem is: Android's market share is bigger than Apple's in mobile. Microsoft still has a greater market share of the traditional PC market. So Apple are not dominating a damned thing. Yes, they're making most of the profits, but it's not Apple's fault everyone else has chosen to enter a different race that leaves them with wafer-thin margins.

The only market sector Apple can be said to dominate is the tablet market, but that's unlikely to continue for much longer, but not because of Android-based rivals. Windows 8 is far more likely to be the better fit: its split personality design is not an ideal choice for consumers, but it has a lot of benefits for corporate IT buyers. (Imagine an Asus Transformer that can run the full-fat version of Office on the traditional Windows desktop when plugged into a keyboard dock, but which runs the Metro GUI when undocked. Furthermore, it comes with all Microsoft's IT support tools that have made them so successful in the corporate IT field. Microsoft are far more interested in selling to that sector than to consumers. Windows 8 itself might take a while to settle in and catch on, but Microsoft are used to playing the long game.)


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