Microsoft hikes SQL Server 2012 price 'by 20 per cent'

Not a big news, really

From the purely market-side perspective, this price hike is barely justifiable. There are not much really ground-breaking new features to talk about in the 2012 version. You must be insane to be willing to pay that much money to deploy Hadoop, which is of course quite possible :- )

From the perspective of reve-generation, it is fair to say Microsoft has probably finally seen the light. To wit, if you add features to scale a SQL Server Datacentrer to Terabytes of RAM and use in-RAM processing which is one of 2008 R2 features (+ database partitioning coupled with multicore), you do get really nice speeds for any workload. Why buy more gear and licenses, then?

Add to that that with bigger datasets traditional disks are not in fashion anymore and the I/O you get from Flash, in ant form, prevent you from adding more server power and the SQL Server licenses which inevitaly follow.

Microsoft is therefore the victim of the success of its own technologies and is now trying to regroup, to prevent that from showing in the bottom line.

One can still easily notice, too, that any price hike Microsoft devises in the forseeable future won't even touch the prices paid for Oracle, even after "larry's discounts".


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