Microsoft shuttering Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace

Re: "Current phones are not compatible with "Apollo""

Oh and there's also something about it on ZDnet:;content

Also give me one reason why e.g. a Lumia 900 of today should be made Apollo-able tomorrow when they can sell a Lumia 900 2013-edition?

HTC customers are at least familiar with this (remember how HTC screwed those HD2 customers by telling that it couldn't run WP7 because it 'lacked' the search button while it was mostly sold with upgradability in mind by most customers as it had ALL of the technical requirements bar the search button.)

It's Microsoft folks! Remember them?

Windows 3.0 --> Windows 3.1 +new PC --> 95 +new PC --> Win98 + new PC --> Windows XP + new PC ---> Vista + new PC

It's with Windows 7 only we didn't need to buy yet another new PC and apparently with Windows 8 we again aren't enforced to buy a new PC. But now they'll screw us with the smartphones (which is a much larger, not yet saturated, market).

What's that saying about an old Fox and New tricks?


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