MWC: Inscrutable slogans, Google toys and the invisible Apple

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marketing slogans are meant to be "inscrutable" for a reason

Just my two cents.

As brand manager for my company, I find these slogans refreshing. I don't care if you spelling Nazis feel the need to turn the dictionary upside down at every given opportunity. Some of the most inspiring words used in brand campaigns are meant to be gibberish - and that is for a reason - they attract attention. It can be anything from pluralizing with "Z's", using Text type or experimenting with unreadable words; the aim is to deliberately all t he flexibility in the language to capture emotions and thoughts.

When words like "talented", "lengthy", "influential" and "reliable" made their way from across the pond, they were derided as barbarous. I personally don't like the word "burglarized" We have to be realistic: languages keep growing and marketing spin doctors have been at work right since the early 1920's to enrich vocabulary.


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