The true, tragic cost of British wind power

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The lack of storage has always been an issue. The same has been true for gas storage. We simply do not have enough of them and thus when the market fluctuates we get hit in the pocket as we paid top dollar for stuff only a few months back.

Anyhow most of this is moot as Blair and his cronies signed away most of our energy choices yeara ago by agreeing to meet ALL of the Euro's demands on emmisions and renewables. I believe our previous PM Gordon Brown was a bit done for because he had so many years of Blair's crap to try and clean up. Now we have more idiots in power who tow the same party line as Blair did but under a different banner.

Screw windfarms and solar panels (which are just being used by companies to profiteer on anyhow instead of being reinvested into UK energy generation) . Get those nuke power and shale gas extraction plants up and running!


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