Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain

Re: Try using it with remote desktop or VM

Or VirtualBox via Remote Desktop. Aside from the mouse not being recognized and having to click twice or use tab to change fields, it is a bad way to test. And a poor test methodology because it influences your impression when you encounter frustration that is caused by the VM software combined with the lower fidelity shit connection.

I am just going to go buy something to test it properly. Something with a touch screen, because I am seriously not convinced with the mouse so far...but not testing a native installation is not fair. And of my three phones (iPhone, Android, and WP7) I like using my WP7 the most. So my expectations were high. And I tested on VM and realized what was wrong when I started getting a bit pissy about how the test drive.

Is everyone testing on VMs and then making these comments? Really? Is that the way it is going to be rolled out in your org? No.


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