MWC: Inscrutable slogans, Google toys and the invisible Apple

On #1, the thing that infuriates operators most is that they invest while the OTT players pocket the revenue. Hence all the noises about upstream providers paying, traffic management, differentiated QoS etc. If that doesn't happen, then I expect prices to rise for consumers. If they go down this path, there is another hurdle here in the form of a regulator putting pressure on the operators. But if you consider it another way, consumers are already paying more per MB e.g. the same amount of money would have bought an all-you-can-eat data package 18 months back. Now, the same amount gives you say half a gig.

On #2, don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of GSMA-led initiatives at all. I am still sceptical about RCS for several other reasons (interop, device availability etc), but *not* because of the reasons stated here i.e. cannot compete against OTT (RCS and OTT : apples and oranges), no co-operation between operators etc.

On #3, indeed, I had missed that bit of news. Oh, and FWIW, GSMA gave the best tablet award to the iPad 2. Lip service and all that, but I would have thought Ed would at least have mentioned it.

My gripe is simply about how poorly researched this article is.


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