iPhone photo-slurping loophole sparks app privacy fears

Big Brother

I thought the 6310 had some privacy issues with Bluetooth bugs

There weren't any photos to steal then though! I did like the fact the 6310i could last a week (probably 2) on a single charge.

Regarding the iPhone issue I think that location controls were put in after the initial fuss about user tracking and the only reason that the photos are restricted at all is because they are location tagged (or can be).

There are many applications which should legitimately access the photos in the library including photo retouching apps and apps to draw on existing photos but it would be better if the control was like that being introduced on the Mac for file access where an OS provided chooser is brought up to browse and the app should only get access to the selected images. The same should apply for the contacts too. Apple's review process could allow some relevant apps (if there are any) more unrestricted access but require an explanatory dialogue the first time and allow revocation of the permission in the settings as with location data.


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