Younger generation taking 'sledgehammer' to security

Inflated sense of entitlement

Companies should change the way they operate? How about these "me me me" children grow the hell up and learn that life doesn't revolve around them?

What company will really open up a network to a swathe of potentially compromised devices just so employees can use their new shiny lookit instead of a company controlled, trusted machine?

Continuous partial attention = easily distracted. Only 2% of people are capable of true multitasking, the rest just believe they are. Tabbing out of youtube every five minutes to check for updates on facebook isn't multitasking.

Automatic tagging of data? Yes, because AI is going to be able to accurately identify complex information in a wide variety of formats, some of them bespoke to the company. If CAPTCHA can defeat it, I doubt it will be able to cope with a scan of a bank statement or clinical record.

Users can't be trusted to tag data themselves? Not even when it is their job? People who can't be trusted to do their job get fired, simple as that. Or is that some kind of discrimination against the lazy and incompetent?

Cloud audit trails. Like who in the cloud provider has the ability to access data placed there, and where in the world the data is physically located at any one time? How do multi-nationals prevent breaking the law when German mailboxes get moved to a datacentre in Ireland? Who has liability and/or culpability in a case where a user claims actionable messages were not sent by them, but possibly an administrator?

Shut down access to information quickly. As in, the data stored on a personally owned device that was joined to a company network. A personal device that you may not have technical control over. That you may even find you can't legally touch once the employee has been terminated.

This "new generation" might have radically different approaches to the Internet, information and security. Doesn't make them correct, worthy of emulation or the new arbiters of company policy.


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