Handbags at dawn: Hermes loses Chinese trademark battle


Re: Time for the Western World to wake up, stop doing business with China!!!!!

So you're annoyed that China seems quite good at capitalism?

"..but now the Chinese cannot understand what a legally binding contract means...."

Xenophobic racial overtones aside, isn't the point of the story that they can?

French company didn't bother to register it's name in Chinese, when registering in China. (I mean why would you register your trademark in the local language??) French company isn't a large and significant make in China (which just happens to be an emerging potential lucrative market with rapid increase in social standards of the emerging wealthy) and expects to be given special treatment because it would like to be?

Doesn't work like that.

"We need to pull every possible manufacturing contract with China and move it back to Western Countries"

If we did this we would be in serious financial trouble. (Mind you, if China politely asks for that money we owe we could be too.)


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