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ISO Test Images

I am not a photgrapher ...

My interest in a large sensor camera is primarily the better low light capability so that photos at family occasions aren't grainy, blurred or peculiarly yellow.

So when I donwloaded the ISO sample images I was at first confused that they seemed only to show a gradual decrease in quality. After all isn't the point that the bigger senser gives you a higher ISO rating which therefore allows better quality images under low light?

Further contemplation, reveals that the problem is that the ISO 100 image had an exposure time of 1 second and the ISO 25600 just 1/200th of a second, so of course the first image will be of superior quality!

But since the shots are of a static subject reducing the exposure time makes little sense. Wouldn't this test scenario be better suited to photographing a moving target, say a model train moving at speed in front of the camera.

For a static target wouldn't it be better to keep the exposure time the same (0.1 - 0.05 seconds?) whilst increasing the ISO. The images would then display an improvement in quality rather than a reduction!

You may argue that the Register is an IT website not a photographic website, to which I would reply "Then they shouldn't post such excellent camera reviews!"


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