Brits guard Facebook passwords more than work logins – survey

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Jeebus, folks! —Just use a password manager, fer feck's sake. There are plenty available, for all platforms. They sync their databases across all your comps [& smartphones]. They'll generate any length unguessable passwords [strings of 'random' numbers and letters and/or symbols] for you when you need to register for a website. They will automatically fill in that password for you, when you revisit. All you need to remember is one single password for unlocking the password manager app.

I use 1password myself [on macs and iPhone] and, at last count had over 200 logins stored in its database. All different, so none of the dangers inherent in using a password across more than one site. All pretty unguessable; I tend to opt for "13 characters. Mixed letters & numbers. Mixed upper & lower case" when letting 1password generate them. Logging into any site involves hitting "CMD+\", entering the master password in a popup window and then hitting enter. Probably takes less than 5 seconds and I haven't had to bother remembering a password in years.

It is, as the sceptics would say, a "no-brainer"

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