Obama pushes 'bill of rights' for punters' privates


Why bother, the man has been the most ineffectual President the US has seen in a while, probably on a par with Carter. Once you get past being the first black US President and getting Bin Laden (although he probably had little to do with that other than giving the go ahead) what have you left. Gitmo is still operational, the banks still got their money and no accountability for it, the Health Care bill was so watered down and concessioned to death that it's practically useless. Quite frankly his rally cry for his next campaign should be "No we didn't".

Sadly, the US is now likely to get some Republican lunatic (probably Mitt Romney) as the next President, although to be fair he seems to be a good bit less loony than Bush, Boener, Palin, McCain or indeed 75% of the other GOP representatives.


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