vows to purify TV with £180m from mobile networks

Anonymous Coward

What's the source of the story, what's their agenda?

Saw this on the BBC yesterday.

Not convinced it makes a whole lot of sense. Who published the press release, and what is their agenda?

Sure, like the case with LightSquared and GPS, strong interfering signals some way from the wanted (weaker) frequency can get through the receiver's insufficient filtering and cause problems. (And contrary to previous poster, wideband booster-amps /can/ saturate or create other intermod distortions.) Even so, bearing in mind that Freeview receivers have worked in recent years in the presence of much stronger ANALOGUE transmissions (usually from the same transmitter mast) so aerial equally aligned and on almost adjacent frequencies... I'd've thought the receivers should have pretty good off-frequency rejection. I can believe that there will be a very small minority of houses with genuine reception problems (e.g. where the 4G mast is only 50 yards from the customer house and in line with the TV transmitter, so the customers aerial is pointing straight at it), but 760000 homes affected sounds an awful lot...


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