Goldman Sachs developer cleared of code theft

Anonymous Coward

Goldman Sachs and Open Source

> What they are talking about is over turning a conviction, That is not the same as being found innocent.

ianal but that's exactly what it means when the Court reverses a conviction and enters a ruling of acquittal.

> The reason for holding is to see if the DA plans to appeal

They're not holding him, "the court ruled that he should be released from jail immediately.


I notice that Aleynikov claimed to have used a mix of propriatry and open source code. I trust that Goldman Sachs is in compliance with the licence.

"A defense lawyer, Kevin Marino, argued in his opening statement that Aleynikov intended to strip out pieces of open- source software"

"During a two-week trial, Marino told jurors that his client was merely trying to copy parts of the company’s software that were taken from public software codes".


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