Scroogle: Dear Google, we're not bots, we're HUMAN


Scroogle totally down

Seems as if the guys at Scroogle have taken down their site. Firstly when I tried to contect to the site I got some wierd message sayint that the domain was possibly up for sale in really bad English and there was some really badly formatted Chinese text below it. Really wierd. So I thought hey I'll try that again and it just timed out on Bing.

Google are total scum. Take a look at Sergey Brin's Stanford homepage circa 1997 ish, the plan for world domination was already in motion. I really like the way his picture morph's wierdly with some kinda 90's animation stylie. Pathetic weasel.

Hoping Scroogle comes back on line. At the end of the day I respect theit non-profit ethic. Whereas Duck is good but all about profit.

Not amused.


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