Ageing Mario blamed for Nintendo's woes

@Greg J Preece

Well there are 2 other issues I can say from what I seen

1) Forcing people to use the motion controls. I didn't buy the newest zelda game(along with A LOT of other games) even though I really wanted it strictly due to the motion controls. Nintendo has to learn hard core gamers don't like moving especially when the games going to take well over 5-8 hours to beat. I've talked to other people about this, and they are in the same boat. Now motion control for the party games, and multiplayer stuff like wii bowling fine, if they want to include motion controls in hardcore games at least give the option to disable it.

2) Lack of good games outside japan. There were literally at least 10-15 games I would have bought in a heartbeat that never left japan(I know this isn't nintendos fault but their 3rd party programmers)on the Wii(there have also been so far 6 3ds games that will NEVER come over here that I want). One that really irks me was Tales of Graces which came out on the Wii in japan, but only on the PS3 over here...

IMO Mario, and their other franchise characters are the least of the issues, and generally the games featuring them I find to be the best generally on the systems.


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