Angry Birds boss: Piracy helps us 'get more business'


the devil

err... hate to shatter your willing suspension of disbelief, but the devil doesn't exist, all part of that outragous jewish folk tale about a snake and an apple im afraid. all smoke and mirrors.

Although it does speak to your high opinion on the efficacy of advertising.

Just because millions are spent on it does not mean that anything is achieved in the process - the cost is added to the products so the ad is at worst cost neutral to the company. AFAIK all metrics of advertising efficacy consist of measuements on how much it cost to put the ad infront of how many pairs of eyes, or how carefully selected said eyes were (the guys about to buy into facebook will get burned by this in time). I have never seen a study that said;

"last month we saturation advertised 'new whizzo' detergent and shifted 10 million units, this month we did no advertising and only shifted 2 million units'

once the market realise the existence of new whizzo they will use it or not - irrespective of advertising, it's either good or cheap, or smells particularly nice or it goes out of business

ads for new produsts/services/promotions which carry a basic 'news'element i can see a case for. But far and away the significant factors in deciding one product or service over another will be things like; price, value, perfomance, and i dunno... cache (like for i products eg) not the warm fuzzy feeling engendered in a 30 second feature about a meerkat


Never seen an ad for the car i drive.

the brand of coffee i drink, likewise is not advertised in mainstream media,

I dont eat chocolate anymore, but i used to prefer hadmade belgan fresh cream chocolates made at a local chocolatier - with an annual ad buy of £0.

and bread.... who cares its just bread,

as the (fictional) little boy pointed out - the emperor has no clothes.



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