Two Megaupload execs bailed

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"30 years plus $10K per copy should do the trick nicely. It should send a clear message to other criminals."

What a balanced comment!! So, copyright infringement should be seen as a more serious crime than murder now? Talk about a lack of perspective. They are being accused (as far as I know) of money crimes only. Not crimes against the person. The day when money crimes attract higher sentencing than crimes against the person, you really know society is doomed. People need to get their priorities straight. How can relieving someone, even illegally, of some money ever be seen as worse than relieving them of their life?

If these guys are fairly prosecuted and proved to have done wrong, then they should receive a just sentence. The reason the law is in such disrepute these days is partially because of the stupid sentencing which has absolutely no relation to the scale or impact of the crime.


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