Microsoft's magic bullet for Azure: Red Hat Linux

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Well Doh!


Windows now accounts for nearly 50 per cent of server revenues compared to just under 20 per cent for Linux.

Might that be due to the fact that Windows is a tad more expensive than SLES/RHEL etc


that a good number of shops use distros like CentOS for non production servers at no frigging cost at all. Those shops then use RHEL for Production Only. As CentOS is source code identical (apart from the RH copyright stuff) it makes real sense.

I've just been setting up a couple of VM servers. One using Microsoft 'kit' and the other RHEL/KVM. The RHEL one works a whole lot better even running Windows server 2003 & 2008.

I really do think that this is the last throws of a Dinosaur before it goes extinct.


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