Amazon bridges enterprise IT with cloud backup


More expensive yet still clunky and mostly DIY while...

... others are cheaper even with end-to-end service w/ support.

Seriously, Amazon, I like you but you have to do much better; for starter I think it's more than arrogant to ask a monthly fee for a single-purpose VM which only works with your stuff and even then the only thing it does is being a storage gateway.

IT SHOULD COME FREE if I use the service but if you really want to make at least $100-150 a month then offer it free after, say 500GB and more used space. Someone uploads couple hundred gigs (<$50/mo) and you ask 3x more for a VM he cannot use for anything other than connecting to your service but still has to provide the virtual host etc?

Nonsense, with this pricing I don't think it will be popular.


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