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pay for education?

"Ah, one in which you have to pay for a univesity education twice. Once at source then later on with higher taxes."

Like most idiotic political ideas, this is doomed to fail spectacularly.

The state pays your fees with loans that will be recovered from you via the tax system later. So you take the money, go to school, get a degree. And then promptly clear off overseas to somewhere sunny where the UK taxman's sticky fingers don't reach and you'll pay the same tax as everyone else. Once you're 50, anything outstanding is written off, so if you want to work in blighty again, you can do.

So not only will the idiot politicians not recover all the money spent on education like they think they will, they'll also force a large number of those they've paid to educate overseas - leading to a loss in general tax revenue and a skills shortage.


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