Microsoft raises 'state of the art' son of NTFS


Yeah, this might be true, however, my own observations are that ntfs had much poorer handling of hardware problems.

Par exemple, an acquaintance of mine a couple years ago asked to help with her Lenovo laptop running XP. Now I realize that it most probably had a faulty mainboard ( ensuing a sequence of multiple devices failures). When it stopped booting a live ubuntu cd helped to discover it, she had the memory replaced. Then it failed to boot XP again,. The user was sure to previously back up all the data. I booted off a live ubuntu musb thunbdrive . The ntfs partition mounted OK, however 4g-ntfs could not treat it. The user's data were safely copied to my external drive, not from the backup (with ext3 AMOF).

OK, then came the time to try to remedy the partition with the genuine Lenovo or M$ restore tools and reinstall that piece of the art OS, called Windows XP. However, the corresponding backup utility nor fsck tools could do anything there, nor could they see the drive carrying their own ntfs.

No I'd rather not. THe user got an Ubuntu and wiped XP off teh hdd. When another accident happened, the rescue utility e2fsck -yf did the job.

So PoA or PoS, the latter is more expectable from Redmond.

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