Dutch clog up The Pirate Bay (again)


take it from a Dutch guy

The judge in this case has made massive errors. first up, the "facts" provided by the Dutch anti-piracy coalition BREIN, turned out to be incorrect and the judge apparently didn't feel the need to check those numbers (wonder why on earth this person is a judge, but that's offtopic).

second, there's already been a European ruling in exactly the same case, if the Dutch ISPs take it to Europe, there wont even be a case, the previous verdict will be dug up and applied.

thirdly, this verdict shows that the justice department still doesn't really understand how the internet works, how are they going to enforce this? for every ten piratebays you block, 100 will be waiting in tow to fill the gap.

This whole case is wrong in so many ways, it's actually quite amusing.


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