Verizon retreats on ‘convenience fee’ for online bill payment

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"Convenience fees", "processing fees" and other bogus charges

What BT does is simply daylight robbery. I pay online, which must surely cost BT nothing, and yet they still charge me a "processing" fee of £5.67 for refusing to give them control of my payments with direct debit. How the fcuk can it cost BT £5.67 just to have a computer make an automatic transaction with a clearing house? Lying, thieving b'stards.

Then there's those bogus "surcharges" with certain retailers for spending under a tenner with a credit card, or paying with an electron card, or because it's a full moon, or whatever other bullcrap they've invented that month to screw customers (see OFT vs airlines).

It's time the OFT stepped in and introduced a blanket-ban on every single one of these bogus "surcharges" for good. It's nothing but a con, and there's zero justification for any of it. These are computers exchanging ones and zeros at the speed of light, not fusty bank clerks counting farthings on a counter top. What exactly is it they think they're charging for?

What a racket.


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