Jobs' 'nuclear war' is not doing Apple any good - analyst



"Imagine the censorship if Apple ran the world"? Seriously? Do you see Apple banning access to websites when using their browsers? Do you see them banning apps because Steve Jobs' ghost personally disagrees and has stated as such via a Ouija Board?

Seriously dude, what's with the paranoia? You do know Steve Jobs is dead, right?


Apple is just a fucking corporation, like every other corporation. ALL CORPORATIONS EXIST TO MAKE A PROFIT. There is nothing charitable about running a company. It's a machine for making money. End of story. The only difference between corporations is the "how", not the "what" or the "why".

THERE ARE NO NICE CORPORATIONS. If you disagree with Capitalism at a philosophical level, you cannot like one corporation over another without being a hypocrite. If you're fine with Capitalism, Apple are no different to any other company, with the unusual exception that, for about 14 years, it was being run by a CEO who actually had a clue how to run a business.

You do NOT get to be the head of a billion-dollar commercial entity by being a naïve, happy-clappy, tree-hugging hippy. God knows Jobs proved that: look at his early years. He was *forced out of Apple* in the mid-80s by the very man he hired to run Apple! It's hardly surprising that he decided that, if he wanted something done right, he had to do it himself. That "control freak" accusation is really more of a compliment. Sweating the details is how you're *supposed* to design stuff.

And it's not paranoia when they really *are* out to get you! The history of Android is proof enough that Google were more than happy to shamefully rip-off Apple's iOS US innovations while Eric Schmidt was still on Apple's own board of directors! If you can't trust your fellow board members, who _can_ you trust?

That last point makes Apple's fatwa against Android perfectly understandable.

Like it or not, Apple _do_ have some justification for their behaviour of late. Google's lack of solid support for their Android partners, on the other hand, does not bode well.

Microsoft have proved Apple's point that slavishly ripping-off iOS is _not_ a requirement for touch-based user interfaces, ergo, the iOS approach cannot be considered "obvious". There are alternatives; you just have to hire people with the talent and the vision.


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