Apple preps TV enabled iMac ahead of own-brand telly

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Let's face it... what's the point? These are the days we're ditching our TVs in favor of computers and downloaded media. With the right apps, you can even watch regular TV over the Internet. Most people I know who aren't dinosaurs or idiots but still have excessive quantities of testosterone built up and watch sports pay to watch them on the Internet.

The idea of hedging bets of something as stupid as TV when TV is so 1953 is lame. In fact, I'm not even sure why I keep my slingbox plugged in anymore. I haven't needed it in ages. I just go online and if I can't buy TV show I want to see for a fair price then I pirate it. (And I bought two seasons this week even though I could pirate it)... actually I did this on my Apple TV and watched on my projector in my movie room.

I just can't see Apple doing something so lame as to waste money on something as stupid as a TV enabled PC. If you need TV so bad... buy a dongle.


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