New account of Flight 447 disaster published


Logging in the cockpit

We can all see from the transcript what went wrong and that inexperience caused the crash. It is very sad and had the captain realised earlier what was happening then it may have been different.

my question is, is there any sort of logging going on in the cockpit, on a screen that an absent member can then briefly cast their eyes over?

Yes the instrumentation is there to tell them what is happening now but if there had been a simple visual system that told the returning captain what had been happening then it could have been averted.

For example:

1) Autopilot OFF

2) Stall warning issued

3) response from the pilot e.g. Stick pulled back X Degrees for X amount of time.

4) Speed and angles etc. from working instruments.

All of that could be in a visual interface so that it takes seconds to look over. The captain would have been able then to tell the co-pilots what to as soon as he arrived.

Does anyone know if such a system exists on these aeroplanes?

It's all well and good logging into a black box for detailed examination after the problem but it does not help those that had the problem.

Sad face for the sad circumstances.


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