Barnes & Noble hires Microsoft’s legal nemesis

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Please erase Florian Müller from the Internet

Yes, that gets my vote too.

Can El Reg please stop quoting that twit. He's not even a qualified lawyer, and the only thing he seems to do is relish the most pessimistic outcome of any patent dispute, with unqualified speculation and sensationalism.

He's supposedly just a "concerned" Netizen rallying against the damaging effects of patents, but AFAICT he's the one doing most of the damage with FUD, and the glee with which he reports patent injustices makes it clear whose side he's really on.

Of course that became crystal clear last month, when it was revealed he was on Microsoft's payroll:

"Florian Mueller, the patent analyst (he's not a lawyer) who often takes anti-Google stances, just revealed that Microsoft is funding Mueller to create a new study about patents."

'Nuff said.


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