Coders are creatives too: Where's our love?...

The focus in sensory input...

The reality is function.

How many items we use today contain code? From lowly digital watches to tomahawk cruise missiles?

I find it constantly amazing that GPS works at all.

To look at something just a second time and think to yourself on reflection, omg how the f@# does it do that?

Think about that.

In our noisy microwave environment, mobile phone networks, wireless LANS etc... lots of devices all within quite a relatively narrow band.That's all amazing stuff people just don't see... Who keeps your flybywire planes in the air? Your electronic ignition system going in your car? Your digital TV? Your pacemaker going?

Now that is beauty.

Who are the coders behind all these feats? Hint: Not Apple. Not M$.

They are not visible. But they are there. Trust me.


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