Nintendo adds Wii U support for second controller


fan (or ex, rather)

i've been a Nintendo fanboy ever since i started playing Double Dragon 2 on the NES. i bought many Nintendo consoles and handhelds over time (i own 2 SNES consoles, a GBA, a DSlite, an N64, a gamecube, a Wii and quite a few games for all of them), but after the utter (hardware) fail that is the Wii, i'm not all that interested in their new gadget. My Wii crapped out after 2 years of moderate use, the laser just gave up.

Now that in itself isn't that big a deal, where it not that Nintendo doesn't repair them, but offers you a replacement unit at "reduced price" (which is roughly the same as a bare retail model).

That's not what i've come to expect from Nintendo, that's not support at all, that's delivering a faulty product and telling the customer "go fuck yourself" when it breaks. I can tell you that this is not a good way to keep loyal fans by your side, quite the opposite.

I've given up on Nintendo, i'll stick with the Xbox from now on and Nintendo can do the same as they wanted me to do, go fuck themselves.


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