NetApp accused of short-stroking its new hardness


Isilon short-stroked more

D from NetApp here...

Please everyone - you can go ahead to the site and read both submissions. Tons of detail without he-said-she-said theatricals.



Isilon used about 1/7th of all available space (counting over 800TB of space).

NetApp used about 1/3rd of all available space (counting over 500TB of space).

All clearly stated in the official submissions.

Do the math.

Anyway, the point of the NetApp architecture is primarily that it's a general-purpose unified storage system, with the ability to have up to 24 nodes clustered together.

it's not a niche architecture like the scale-out NAS vendors'.

As a result, there are a couple of things the niche scale-out NAS architectures can do that NetApp can't, and about 100 things NetApp can do that the niche scale-out NAS vendors can't.

Deciding on what you need for your business depends on what features you need.

Read here for detailed analysis:




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