'Occupy Wherever' movement goes transgalactic


Yeah, that's what I thought...

You and your "conveniently appearing pal" haven't added much. I've made a full argument here, albeit not a perfect one, and I've documented my sources. I've reached out to some people, and I'm done for this thread. Your attempt at shutting me down has failed and you will never prevail. You don't have what it takes.

There's a lot of criticism about what the shareholder interest is, and the duties of the directors in terms of sustainability and it's important for people to ask questions about how their money is used if they want to make sustainable decisions and positively influence others. The case law has also evolved tremendously since the early 20th century, yet proponents of the right would have us think otherwise, portraying anyone who talks about sustainability or the environment or employees rights or social programs or accountability of the financial elite as a commie, "get a job" worthless artist tard. Prejudice is their game, and their arrogance hides their emptiness and intellectual dishonesty. Worst is that they can't even make a worthy argument. I've met tons of them in my life. They're used to little pointless slapstick remarks and their rhetoric can't go further than that.

It just so happens that I'm highly educated and I can easily express myself, and the best they can do is tl;dr me. I've seen lots of poverty and exploitation in my youth and so I'll always fight for the ones who have no voice because they haven't been given a chance.

The "occupy" movement encompasses tons of different types of activists and I'll concede that their message might not always be clear or coherent. But it takes lots of guts to do a "sit in" and take the streets to voice your opinion. I value that, and I find those people courageous. Some of them have nothing to lose. In any case it takes much more spine to express yourself openly than to hide behind handles on a forum and defame people because of their looks. Those people are the tip of the iceberg. There's lots of disenfranchised people in this world, and their expression in itself bears value... the rights to association and expression are fundamental to a healthy democracy. Occupy whatever and voice your opinion, network, share experiences and make alliances and build plans for something more equitable and fair. And good luck!


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