Samsung demands iPhone 4S ban in Japan and Oz



"specifically UIs for the 'in flight mode' indicator (airplane icon); for customising a smartphone’s home screen; and for browsing applications categorised in a tree structure (in an apps store)"

As was said earlier but I still cant wrap my mind around it:

How the hell can flight mode, customizing a homescreen and the tree structure for browsing be patented?

I mean as it stands with flight mode do we get sued if we turn off our phone while on a plane because thats "flight mode"?

Customizing a homescreen.....let me repeat that, customizing a homescreen? Seriously? How come they haven't gone after MS et al who have been doing this for years. Personally I feel customizing the homescreen is down to the end user not the device manufacture. Sure they are welcome to put what they want on it when I get and first power on the device but if I feel like customizing my homescreen to be some extreme pron then its upto me. If I want to remove all the manufactures default shortcuts and put in my own for stuff I actually use then its my choice.

And need I say more about the tree structure?

I'm usually against Apple in this stuff but for once it appears that another company is definately in the wrong here and needs to be shot.

On another note I have a suggestion that could easily solve this. Put the two companies legal teams in a room with half a brick each. Last one standing wins.


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