The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'

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CDMA+GSM - not as useful as you'd think

", if you happen to hop from country to country, the ability to switch protocols [CDMA and GSM] is a real convenience."

No, it isn't. CDMA (CDMAone/CDMA2000) roaming is of very limited use. Besides the fact that the system is not widely deployed, in the one major market outside of the USA that that does use CDMA, South Korea, the carriers don't allow roaming.

But that's not the killer, this is: in the small-print it says "CDMA available only if iPhone is sold with contract to a CDMA network". So, this is basically a feature to allow Verizon customers in the USA to use their phones while abroad.

Meanwile, the GSM-3G (WCDMA) system is still only quad-band, which locks out T-Mobile USA customers.

This is Apple dressing up a good piece of logistics management (reduction of SKUs and combining BOMs) as a customer benefit, when it's nothing of the sort.


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