GM OnStar cars will upload all data unless owners opt out

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You seem to be rathy touchy.

>How exactly do you see this data being misused?

For a start it only tells halft the story. As I pointed out earlier it does not record the behaviour of the driver which is more important than hard data.

Given an accident, let's say that one driver is going slightly above the speed limit, another driver dawdling along is distracted by, for the sake of argument, talking on a mobile phone and drifts into the path of the first driver causing a collision.

What conclusion are crash investigators going to come to by analysing the available data?

Someone cuts you up forcing you into the path of another car. What does the data show?

The problem with having half the facts is that no amount of reasoning on your part will change the opinion of insurance claims / police investigators because those hard facts prove you to be falsifying an explanation.


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