How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents

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well, maybe you are perfect and never make mistakes. Having to dig through versions in the silly starry version thing to retrieve something that would've required a simple "Revert to Saved..." before gets old pretty fast. I often compare old versions of documents, documents I do not want changed in any way, with the new one I'm currently working on. Browsing a document without saving is now impossible, that's just ridiculous.

I'm sure there are people who might benefit from this, but power users working together in a network environment should have the option to disable this downright dangerous feature.

OS X has always had a sort of undefinable quality where the OS is working with you. Anyone who's never used OS X for at least few weeks straight has no clue what I'm talking about. Sadly Lion has adopted the absolute worst aspect of Windows; it's in your face. It's constantly actively interfering with the way I think it's best to something.

Needless to say, I reinstalled Snow Leopard from my Time Machine disk.


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