Apollo 17 Moon landing: Shock revelations

Anonymous Coward

I have no doubt at all that astronauts walked on the moon

As a photographer myself, what is more dubious is the astonishing clarity of the photographic evidence - perfectly framed shots, all in focus - and all taken from chest mounted, manually focussed cameras, by blokes in space suits who couldn't see the viewfinder, in extreme conditions of heat and cold and dust. And with astonishing depth of focus - foreground, background all crisply in focus.

Let's get real here - a lot of these images are not genuine. Try it yourself - go outside with a DSLR, hold and fire it at chest level, manually focus and see how many perfectly composed 'keepers' you get.

Setting aside the various debates about shadows and lighting etc, there is very clear evidence of a lot (not all, but a lot) of these pictures having been taken in some kind of giant studio, with a 'set' and the backdrop of the mountains projected. There's frequently a clear line showing where the set ends and the backdrop starts. Look at any of the 'good' moon photos with the astronauts featured and see it for yourself....


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