Burned by DigiNotar, Mozilla tells cert cops to audit security

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Re: Theoretical scenario

"Man, FF is lame; I go to website X and I can't even access it without errors! Explorer has no issues, seems Chrome also works. Guess those are the better browsers then."

Well, yeah, they are, *if* you don't mind your wallet being emptied by some porn baron in a foreign country. Judging from the huge market share maintained over many years by IE6, *most* people don't mind that and therefore IE6 *is* (for them) a better browser.

Firefox's market is those who actually bother to read error messages and want to retain some control over their computer. That's a *niche* market. Oh sure, everyone *talks* about wanting to be safe on the internet, but almost nobody is actually willing to invest the time and energy required to do so. Objectively speaking, then, they actually *don't* care.

I'm fine with that. It's a free country.


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