'New laws not needed' to block / censor Twitter et al


Firstly using an Ip hide will stop the tracking and the actual "looking at" what you are doing, secondly, Wifi is not as widely used in Libya as say the UK, London in particular, and thirdly, the only way to really block these type of sites is to shut down the world. It does seem to me that certain people that are supposedly in power lead extremely sheltered lives. Just imagine, Facebook, yahoo messenger, Skype all being monitored and then shut down.

So for example a person appearing to be say in Malaya, but actually in France stimulating malicious unrest in Toxteth stands no chance of being traced as on top of that they were using a McDo wifi.

If one is stupid enough to do something like that and use ones own home phone and "tag" then they need locking up for their own safety.

I am guessing that somewhere there is actually one person that told the supercillious twits that they stand more chance of shutting the moon down to stop those that suffer from moon effects and going beserk every month on a full moon!!!

On the subject of setting petrol on fire with a mobile phone, oh dear you have been reading too many filling station and hospital signs.

I have a radio in my vehicle that transmits so much power that at 100m the watts received is probably 100x that of the mobile phone at 10mm.

The effect of my radio on say hospital stuff or gas stations is nil at 20m.

The only adverse effect of using the mobile is that you were probably using it when you lost control and thats why you have it in your hand! If the car was upside down in any case the vehicle would act as a cage and block all signals anyway.


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