Monolithic supers nab power efficiency crown

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Not a PS3 fanboi...

...because I don't own one, but I will apologise a little bit for rising to your bait. But I do like the Cell's internal architecture a lot. Much more elegant and responsive than the sledge hammer that is a GPU. Hard to programme properly, a huge amount of grunt available if you can programme it, probably extremely satisfying once mastered.

To my eternal regret I've not had to make use of one at all.

But being a SPARC fan, I am cheering on the K machine at Riken. Just goes to show how much performance is as much bound up in good inter-processor comms as it is in CPU speed. All those GPU based machines seem to be terrible from the point of view of mean/peak performance ratios; sounds like their GPUs are being starved of work. Now if someone bolted the K machine's interconnect right in to the middle of a GPU, think about what sort of awesome machine could be built! Though I'd still prefer a network of Cells...


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