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Pushing back the boundaries of blagging?

Several decades ago, a politician by the name of Ronald Reagan had an interesting trick. He would visit the local coal merchant in the city he represented, borrow a loaded coal truck and drive it about the town, stopping frequently to explain that he was "Taking coal to the Poor". After an hour or two, he'd return the full coal-truck back to the depot, having failed to offload any of it to any poor people. He had, however, convinced a number of local rubes that he was a magnanimous, generous man of the people.

I reckon Anonymous or LulzSec or whichever bunch of knuckle-dragging script kiddies it is this time are doing something like old Ronnie's trick: Make a lot of noise that sounds vaguely hacking-like, and claim to be 'leet hackers. They have however forgotten the cardinal rule of such blagging: Do Not Let The Deception Be Discovered.

From this we can conclude that they're a bunch of complete and utter muppets. If any of this crew of fools is reading this, then perhaps you are feeling aggrieved by my comments; the truth often hurts. If you want to get your own back, I have a lot of content at:

Just saying, like.


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