Apple iCloud: Steve Jobs' own private internet


Apple loves people like you.

If I was a large corporation I would love the iCloud. I would have my users stream all their personal data. Like music and pictures. There is nothing illegal or wrong with me creating a database on my system that would build a online profile about you.

I can get a very good sense where you live from the location info I get from your ip address.

I then figure out your age by the music you have on your devices.

I can have face recognition software that scan your pictures and builds an internal data base of who you associate with. Friends, family and co-workers.

I will know what apps you buy and software you run on your computers. Because you buy your software thru my services now.

You can stop buying software and delete your music and photos but there is nothing that says I have to delete my very valuable data I have collected about you. I then can make lots and lots of money selling this info.

No one gets how this whole cloud thing works. No you have it all figure out but you. You are so smart. So damn smart.


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