Google pits C++ against Java, Scala, and Go

@Ken Hagan

"*most* code needs to run faster than it does at the moment"

I would say "some" rather than "most". If computers are too slow it's only because we continually push them to do new things which weren't previously necessary until they break, in which case they will ALWAYS be too slow by definition. I mean, I'm sure it's very clever that I can write a Unix emulator in a Javascript interpreter running in a browser running under Linux running in a virtual environment running under Windows running under Mac OS X, but really, that's hardly something we NEED to be able to :-)

I'm continually amazed at how fast Java is these days. You can do quite serious graphics or scientific programming in Java and effortlessly have it run faster than a heavily optimised native program only a few years previously. My favourite adage is still that CPU cycles are cheaper than developer cycles!


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