Skype pushes out Windows update following massive login glitch


(music) That's about the size/where you put your eyes/that's about the size of it! (dance)

..."their website claims this affects a "small number of users", when every other news outlet describes it (correctly) as a serious global outage."

18,234,252 users compared to the global Human Population of ~6,894,522,000 amounts to precisely 0.002644744914875897125 - which makes for a mere 0.26% (well OK, 0.3% if we must Round Up per standard practice) of the World Population at this writing. Truly a Very Tiny Number indeed, now innit? (Sources = and the "Users Online" number at the bottom of my Skype app's frame BTW fwiw)

So anyway, mine's the one with the Entire Universe all Boiled Down to the Size of a BB in the pocket, though I forget which pocket; just look for the light leaking out and that's the one...

Sorted nonetheless! And that is all! 0{:-)o<


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