Official: Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5bn


congrats to skype

Nice job Skype management. - who comes up with these valuations anyway? Seriously $50 per 'user' - hell I have 3 accounts and I never use any of them these days.

Skype has 8.5 million actual paying users = real users = MS paying $1000 per real user = wow!

Skype 2010 revenue was $406.2 million = $47.76 revenue per real user

*Best* case scenerio I would have put skype at 1/10th of what MS paid at $850M

* historical % profits are low - sneeze and you will miss it

* revenue is based on skype out credits which are less and less relevant these days due to direct voip calls

* current valuation is based on an ever increasing numbers of users - which we all know will tend to level out

the M in MBA stands for Moron don't trust them.


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